with Stian Ådlandsvik

Two parted sculpture project
Hordaland Art Centre
Bergen (Norway)

The project has it’s point of departure in a rather ordinary wooden three-storey house from the 1950’s on an island nearby the city of Bergen, Norway. Due to an investment project the house was to be torn down in order to build two apartment houses on the same grounds. We took the opportunity of using the house for a temporary sculptural project that would question the changing parameters of housing within the last five to six decades in relation to the socio-economic changes in Norway.
In order to come to terms with this we built an exact scaled down model of the house in 1:27 and sent it to friends around the world (Beijing, Sidney, New York, Paris). Due to bad packaging it successively got destroyed while being sent. When the model house returned to Bergen it’s destructions were applied to the original house.

Along with the transformation of the house into a temporary site specific sculpture there was an exhibition at the Hordaland Art Centre. There some of the debris of the partly destructed house served as material for additional sculptures that would introduce yet another perspective onto the whole project