his project was started in 2006 in Berlin, when Lutz-Rainer MuÃàller and Jan Freuchen constructed a large wooden replica of the lunar module ‚ 'Eagle' for an exhibition at West Germany in Kreutzberg. The urban renewal projects around Kottbusser Tor provided the backdrop for the exhibition where our primary interest was to look at the formal aspects of the construction and hence make a link between science and design. The module was shown tilted, jammed between the roof and the floor, along with several other two dimensional works.

Later the piece was sawed into smaller pieces and presented as individual sculptures when we established a “sculpture park” in Baßdorf, north of Berlin. The fragments were laying in this field for one and a half years, when we collected them again to do a new show at Pierogi, Leipzig.
This time the sculptures were reworked into furniture-looking elements like some sort of rustique modernism. The rethorical power inherit in the design of a scienticific vehicle has proved easily transferrable to formal artistic expressions and interior designs. The transformations itself has now become the essence of the project - a shape-shifting art collection that situates modernity in a geological time perspective.

One of these sculptures has now been 3-d scanned to make a rapid prototyping copy.
The next step will be to grind the objects into splinters, providing the raw material for the production of the chipboards and paper in the new exhibition.