The curator Wiebke Gronemeyer asked us to investigate the idea of collaboration itself. In response to this invitation we developed a conceptual framework in which our methods and mechanisms of collaboration are tested in relation to our individual practices.
Coming to terms with this involved the seemingly paradoxical plan to defer the decision-making process in favour of an exhibition based on a fortune teller’s vision and medical technology. CT-Scans of Stian Ådlandsviks right arm and my left arm were made to print duplicates of the respective bones in our arms in Polyamide. After instructions from a local shaman these bone-duplicates were spread out on a bed of soil in a small storage room connected to the exhibition room where they got examined and interpreted by her, and she articulated her vision for our exhibition there.
The intervention in the room that is presenting at W17 deals with the predictions given by the clairvoyant, as well as it manifests our very own means of collaboration and its evolving nature in communication.